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Quotes Our PTA newsletter is an online newsletter and Pink Palmetto is responsible for the total arrangement and edits of the newsletter. Parents, teachers, and administrators send various announcements and pictures and Pink Palmetto always finds ways to overcome the varied formats and assembles a seamless, functional newsletter. We are proud of her work for the PTA and have felt comfortable trusting her to produce the best possible product for our school. Quotes
Robert L. Palmer, Ed.D., Principal
Greenville Middle Academy

Quotes The monthly newsletters you create for us are an invaluable tool. It keeps our parents informed of upcoming events. The community is kept aware of how we are helping local boys and girls. Our donors are able to see how their funds are being utilized. Finally, our marketing department uses the newsletter to solicit new donors. Thank you for your amazing work! Quotes
Mike Burdine, Executive Director
The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club

Quotes Thank you for 1 1/2 years of excellent newsletters. We have seen our membership increase as a direct result of the monthly newsletter you produce for us. They are informative and well put together. Our subscribers look forward to receiving them in their inboxes! Quotes
Dr. Susan J. Mills, Executive Director
FRIENDS of the Blue Ridge Parkway